Apollo FID Bench

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  • $ 129

What It's For:

This fully adjustable bench allows the user to perform flat, incline and decline bench presses and dumbbell presses. The Apollo FID bench allows the user to seated shoulder press. 

Why It's Cool:

Excellent design and highly adjustable. This is an awesome bench for beginners or people lifting light-to-moderate weight. Comprised of lighter-duty material, the price on this bench is a fraction of most adjustable benches!

Further Specs:

Dimensions: 45" long x 18" wide on seat, 12" wide on back pad, 18" high seat (starting position).

Weight: 40 LB

Note:  This bench is intended for home or "light" use. Not intended for commercial settings. All though this bench is a great value, it is not designed for heavy loads or corporate use.