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PR Lifting Competition Bar and Bumper Plate Sets

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A bar and bumper plate package built specifically for weightlifters. Perfect addition to a weightlifting training hall or awesome home gym.

What You Get:

(1) PR Weightlifting Bar (4 model options): Choose from Four different package options:

Men's Competition, Women's Competition, Men's WL Training, Women's WL Training.

(2) 25 KG (Red) Competition Bumper Plates

(2) 20 KG (Blue) Competition Bumper Plates

(2) 15 KG (Yellow) Competition Bumper Plates

(2) 10 KG (Green) Competition Bumper Plates

(2) 5KG (White) Elite Change Plates

(2) 2.5KG (Red) Elite Change Plates

(2) 2KG (Blue) Elite Change Plates

(2) 1.5KG (Yellow) Elite Change Plates

(2) 1KG (Green) Elite Change Plates

(2) .5KG (White) Elite Change Plates