We are working around the clock and experiencing higher-than-usual call and email volumes. Click here to read more about pre-orders and shipping information.


We are all eagerly awaiting for our shipments to arrive at our warehouse!     We are using this page to keep you UPDATED!  Any news of changes and we will make the adjustment here.

Port dates are the vessel landing dates. Warehouse dates are a guesstimate based on usual time it takes to have shipments released from the port and brought to our warehouse.  

As soon as we get a shipments in we will pull orders in preparation of customer pickup and deliveries.  We will update this page with READY TO PICK UP OR DELIVER as soon as we get done with pulling everyone's orders. 


Shipment #1.  (95)  Complete

Shipment #2.  (96) Complete

Shipment #3.  (97) Complete

Shipment #4.  (98) Complete

Shipment #5   (99) Complete

Shipment #6 (100) Complete

 Shipment #7 (101) Complete

Shipment #8 (102) Complete

Shipment 103  Complete

Shipment 104  Complete

Shipment 105  Complete


 Shipment 106 The shipment is in!  Your orders are ready for pickup!  We are open 9-5 Thursday through Saturday this week (July 30-August 1st), 10-2 Sun (August 2nd) and 9-5 this coming Monday-Saturday(August 3-9). Customers who have deliveries will be contacted early next week.  


Men's Cross Training Bars-106

Women's Cross Training Bars-106

Basic Men's Cross Training Bars-106

Basic Women's Cross Training Bars-106

Basic Power Bars-106

Black Garage Gym Bumper Plates-106

Folding Wall Rig-106

Hex Bars-106

Rubber Hex Dumbbells-106

Basic Power Rack-106


Shipment 107  The shipment is in!  Your orders are ready for pickup!  We are open 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday this week (August 4-8), 10-2 Sunday (August 9th) and 9-5 this coming Monday-Saturday(August 10-15). Customers who have deliveries will be contacted early next week. Portland delivery will be this Sunday the 9th. 

Black Garage Gym Bumper Plates-107

B1 Flat Bench-107

Men's WL Bar-107

Women's WL Bar-107

Men's Elite Cross-Training Bar-107

Women's Elite Cross-Training Bar-107


Slam Balls-107

Rubber Hex Dumbbells-107

Deluxe Squat Rack-107

Weighted Vest-107

Wall Rig-107

Open Deluxe Trap Bar-107


Shipment 108  Original Port ETA 8/13  Warehouse ETA 8/17

Basic Pull Up Bar-108

Competition Bumper Plates-108

Folding Wall Rig-108

Garage Gym Bumper Plates-108

Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack-108

Squat Racks-108

Wall Mounted Plate Rack-108


Shipment 109  Original Port ETA 8/13  Warehouse ETA 8/17

1.0 Adjustable Bench-109

Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates-109

Open Hex Bar-109

Powder Coated Kettlebells-109

PR Power Rack-109

Special Order Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates-109

Men's Elite Cross Training Bar-109

Women's Elite Cross Training Bar-109


Shipment 110   Original Port ETA 8/21  Warehouse ETA 8/25

1.0 FID Bench-110

B2 Adjustable Benches-110

Basic Commercial Flat Bench-110

Basic Power Rack-110

Deluxe Power Rack-110

Safety Spotter Arms-110

Powder Coated Kettlebells, 4,8,12,14kg-110  UPDATE!! These kettlebells were not loaded onto shipment 110 as planned.  They are now on shipment 111. We are very sorry for the delay! This was a last minute change at our holding area.

Olympic Dumbell Handles-110

Garage Gym Bumper Plates-110

PR Men's Weightlifting Bar-110

PR Max Deadlift Bar-110



 Shipment 111: Original Port ETA 9/1, Current Port ETA 9/1, Warehouse ETA 9/5

 Powder Coated Kettlebells, 4,8,12,14kg listed on shipment 110

Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates-111

Folding Wall Rig-111

Basic Power Rack-111

Rubber Hex Dumbbells -111

7ft Squat Rack-111

Garage Gym Bumper Plates-111

8ft Dumbbell Rack-111

4ft Dumbbell Rack-111