PR Competition Bumper Plates (KG) (Vulkan Pre-Sale)

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All items are brand new and are only being used in this one day event and will be available at the end of the competition

What They're For:

Most often used in commercial settings such as weightlifting clubs, schools and gyms, Competition Bumpers are perfect  for any setting in which dropping weights is good possibility. The PR Competition Bumper Plates are  perfect for a high-end home/garage gyms and barbell clubs on a budget.

What You Get:

Available in the following pairs:

(2) 10 KG (Green)

(2) 15 KG (Yellow)

(2) 20 KG (Blue)

(2) 25 KG (Red)

Further Specs: 

These plates have a high durometer rating of 90-92 making it a very hard low bounce. Highly recommended to be used on weightlifting platforms or shock absorbing surfaces.