CrossFit Devotion Summer Games Used: 260LB Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set

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CrossFit Devotion Summer Games!!  Held August 10th at Kent Lake High School.  All equipment being used in the events are brand new and have only been used at this event. There is a limited supply of this equipment available!  Items will be available for pickup at the event as soon as the last event is finished.

Why They're Cool: 

Our Crumb Rubber Plates offer a higher bounce and quieter drop than other bumper plate options. Color-coded and clearly marked on both sides for easy identification, these plates are great for high use, fast-paced environments like high schools and CrossFit gyms. They are our number one choice for busy commercial settings.



260 LB Set: (2) 45 LBs, (2) 35 LBs, (2) 25 LBs, (2) 15 LBs and (2) 10 LBs


Further Specs:

Drop tested over 20,000 times from 9 FT

Diameter: 450mm

Color Codes:       Thickness:

10 LB Grey              1 1/4"

15 LB Orange          1 9/16"

25 LB Green            2 1/4"

35 LB Yellow           3 1/16"

45 LB Blue              3 3/8"

55 LB Red               3 9/16"

*Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates have a 3-year warranty on 25-55 LB plates and a 1-year warranty on 10-15 LB plates, including commercial environments.