DHS Training Bar (Women's 15 KG)

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What It's For:

Awesome bar, awesome value. This is an elite bar specifically made for the sport of weightlifting and was used as the official bar in the 2008 Bejing Olympics. The DHS bar is the highest quality weightlifting bar you can get for under $600.

Why It's Cool: 

There are only five companies making IWF (International Weightlifting Federation)-recognized bars for use in internationally sanctioned competition; they are Eleiko, Werksan, Uesaka, Zangkong and DHS. These are the best weightlifting bars in the world and we are very exited to provide you with a bar of this caliber! Available for those wanting the best in weightlifting gear.

Compromised of elite material, the bar itself is made of the world's best spring steel while each sleeve uses 5 sets of precision needle bearings. the DHS Women's Bar provides excellent spin, perfect wip and awesome grip!

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Further Specs:

Weight: 15 KG

Length: 79"

Shaft Diameter: 25 mm

Material: Spring steel