3-in-1 Foam Plyo Box (Lincoln Invitational Competition Used)

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    PR Lifting is sponsoring the Lincoln Invitational CrossFit Competition in  Spokane this OCT 20th-21st.  https://crossfitduratus.com/lincoln-invitational

    All items being used in the Lincoln Invitational will be available for pickup at the end of the competition on site.  Items can also be picked up from the PR Lifting warehouse in Everett, Washington on October 24th or any open day after.


Why It's Cool: 

Commercial grade triple-sided Foam Plyo Box. Heavy duty vinyl cover is labeled on each side with the height.

Don't be fooled: these are heavy-grade boxes, more so than most found online these weigh in at 70LBs

Further Specs: 

Large Dimensions: 20″ x 24″ x 30″66 LB

 Special Note: Foam boxes are awesome at protecting shins but the softer landing area does have a downside. The extra give does create a less stable base than traditional wood plyo boxes.  We recommend using the shorter two heights on each box and avoiding using the tallest side.