Speed Rope

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What It's For: 

We're not just talking about playground double-dutch here. Speed Ropes are an effective and integral part of any MMA/boxing training regime and perfect for cardiovascular conditioning in general. 

Why It's Cool:

Ultra thin, black nylon-coated cord is only 3/32″ in diameter for low aerodynamic friction to allow high speed travel. Nylon bushing housing built in to handle provides extremely low friction swivel action. Our speed ropes provide a smooth, high-performance experience allowing you to get the most out of your cardio routine. 

Further Specs: 

  • Very light weight tapered handles measure 6.25″ long and are easy to grip
  • Black nylon handles measure 1″ at the large end and taper down to 3/8″ at the small end
  • Using a screwdriver to loosen the  chrome plated collars, the cord length may be adjusted up to 9.5' in length as needed by the user. Excess cord may be cut if desired.