PR Men's Power Bar

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Why It's Cool:

The PR Power Bar is an American made, snap-ring style bar that is built with high quality 165 K tensile strength steel. This bar has sharper knurling for optimal grip and two layers of zinc coating that provides excellent protection from rusting.

If you are familiar with the PR Bar, this is the same model but with these exceptions:  

1) Sharper knurling

2) Center knurling

3) Black zinc sleeves

4) Single ring marks instead of double

Further Specs:

 Weight: 45 LB

Weight Capacity: 1500 LB*

Double zinc coating

Made in the U.S.A

 *Anthony's Quick Note: If you ever see a “weight capacity” on a bar, I would recommend cutting it in half for real life use (i.e. If you can deadlift 800 LB, get a bar rated for 2000 LB).