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RooBox Plyobox (PRE-ORDER)

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RooBox plyometric box is built with 3/4" plywood and an EVA foam edge and corner. The foam is durable and firm, yet safe-for-your-shins. It was designed to reduce injuries while still providing the speed and stability of the traditional plywood jump box commonly used for athletic training. If you are trying to gain an edge on the competition, this box won't slow you down. You'll be freed from the fear of a trip to the emergency room, the associated costs and possible scars. Gym owners: reduce your potential liability and make your gym safe!

RooBox makes these boxes LOCALLY in Woodinville WA!  

RooBox has solved a couple of common frustrations with plyometric boxes:

#1. Protecting your shins while still having the sturdiness of wood boxes. Foam boxes are great but nothing is going to match the stability of a wood box.

#2. Plyo boxes that are stable and provide shin protection are heavy!  And, they don't have handles!  The Roo Box has two sets of handles and are so much easier to move around.

#3. They are extremely attractive box that shout "I am a great product". Heavy duty hardware and rubber corners will keep these boxes looking great for a long time.

 Size: 20" x 24" x 30"

Weight: 40LB


PR Lifting is happy to support RooBox with this fantastic plyobox innovation!

Shipping available anywhere in the US for $30.  Contact us directly if shipping is desired.