We are all eagerly awaiting for our shipments to arrive at our warehouse!    Currently there are a lot of shipping vessels canceling their bookings due to less than capacity bookings. This is causing unexpected delays. We are using this page to keep you UPDATED!  Any news of changes and we will make the adjustment here

Once a vessel is on the way, our timelines should be pretty accurate. We will have a note that says ON THE WAY, for any shipment that is on a vessel and sailing.

Port dates are the vessel landing dates. Warehouse dates are a guesstimate based on usual time it takes to have shipments released from the port and brought to our warehouse.  

As soon as we get a shipments in we will pull orders in preparation of customer pickup and deliveries.  We will send out a mass email to everyone AND update this page with READY TO PICK UP OR DELIVER as soon as we get done with pulling everyone's orders.

Shipment #1.  ARRIVED at the PR Warehouse 4/27!

Orders have been pulled and are ready for pickup.  Customers receiving delivery will be contacted soon!  We are "open" for curb side pickup every day this week: Tuseday 4/28-Saturday 5/2 from 9-5pm


PRE-ORDER   PR Heavy Duty Flat Bench

PRE-ORDER   Wall Balls

PRE-ORDER  Slam Balls


PRE-ORDER Garage Gym Bumper Plates


PRE- ORDER B2 Adjustable Bench

Shipment #2. At the Port of Seattle now! Container has been released but the trucking company can not pull from the Port until Monday 11th.  ETA 5/11 

Once the shipment arrives, we will pull unload, do our counts and pull everyone's orders as fast as we can.


PRE-ORDER Crumb Rubber Plates

PRE-ORDER Olympic Plates

PRE-ORDER Basic Comp Flat Bench


PRE-ORDER Kettlebells


Shipment #3. Original Port ETA 5/5 ON THE WAY! Current Port ETA 5/19 Warehouse ETA 5/23 


PRE-ORDER PR Cross-Training Bar, Max Power Bar, Hex Bars

PRE-ORDER  KG Elite Change Plates

PRE-ORDER  Deluxe Squat Racks, 6FT Squat Racks, 7FT Squat Racks, Power Racks, Folding Wall Racks

PRE-ORDER Landmine 

PRE-ORDER Wall Mounted Bumper Plate Rack

PRE-ORDER #2 Basic Comp Flat Bench

PRE-ORDER #2  1.0 FID bench

PRE-ORDER #2  Kettlebells          

PRE-ORDER #2   Olympic Plates

PRE-ORDER #2 Slam Balls


Shipment #4. Original Port ETA 5/14 ON THE WAY! Current Port ETA 5/19 Warehouse ETA 5/24

PRE-ORDER Rubber Hex Dumbbells

PRE-ORDER #2 Crumb Rubber Plates

PRE ORER #2 Garage Gym Bumper Plates

PRE ORDER #2 Power Rack

Shipment #5 Original Port ETA 6/5, ON THE WAY! Current ETA 6/6  Warehouse ETA 6/10


PRE-ORDER Elite Change Plates, LB

PRE-ORDER Elite Men's Cross-Training Bars

PRE-ORDER Elite Bar and Bumper Plate Sets

PRE-ORDER Men's Basic Power Bar


PRE-ORDER #2 Rubber Hex Dumbbells

PRE-ORDER #2 7ft Squat Rack

PRE-ORDER #2 Elite Change Plates, KG

PRE-ORDER #2 Men's Cross-Training Bar

PRE-ORDER #3 Garage Gym Bumper Plates

PRE-ORDER #3 Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

Shipment #6   Scheduled to sail 5/13, Port ETA 6/6 Warehouse ETA 6/10

PRE-ORDER  Safety Spotter Arms

PRE-ORDER Dip Attachments

PRE-ORDER #2 Folding Wall Rack, Power Racks

PRE-ORDER #2 Wall Mounted Bumper Plate Racks

PRE-ORDER #3 Rubber Hex Dumbbells  (mislabeled as pre-order #2 on original product page from 5/4-5/5, corrected on 5/5) 

PRE-ORDER #3 Squat Racks

PRE-ORDER #4 Garage Gym Bumper Plates





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