PR 6FT Wide Storage System

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Save space and clutter! The PR 6FT Wide Storage System allows for a fully customizable 7ft tall storage solution. Perfect for any commercial setting.

The Standard PR 6FT Wide Storage System comes standard with (5) Storage shelves including:

(1) Bumper plate shelf

(1) Dumbbell Shelf

(2) Flat Shelves

(1) Wall Ball Shelf.

This system, however, can be customized to meet any gyms particular needs. We can add and/or remove any shelf style to create any set up needed to meet your storage needs. *

Tools you WILL NEED to assemble:  ​2 sockets. The sizes are 1-3/8 and 1-7/16

Bolt on attachments options available:

Vertical Four Bar Storage Attachment 

Speed Rope/Strength Band Storage Attachment

Change Plate Weight Horn Attachment


* Please contact us directly if you would like to adjust the shelving arrangement as prices very depending on the style.