PR Power Rack (PRE-ORDER)

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PRE-ORDER ONLY!  The PR Power Rack is now done with production and scheduled to ship out. ETA to our port is MAY 5th.   Additional production was begun (3/18) as we suspect that this shipment may be sold out before its arrival.  We do NOT like doing pre-orders... we really try to have things in stock at all times and plan to go back to "normal" as soon as possible.  We will also start pre-orders on other items but ONLY after production is COMPLETE and when we have vessel booked with an ETA to our port.  We have over 140,000lb of gear arriving in late April to mid-May and it includes pretty much all of the items we carry. 

Why It's Cool:

The PR Power Rack is a great tool for the strength athlete. Each side of the rack is a fully-welded one-piece frame - just like they used to do back in the good old days! Two pull-up bars connect the top while a heavy-duty cross brace connects the bottom. The PR Power Rack comes with a set of heavy-duty J-cups and a set of safety pins.

This rack is very strong and weight capacity is a non-issue!

Further Specs:

Height: 7’6"

Width: 48″

Depth: 36″  

Depth Between Uprights: 28″