PR Elite Men's Cross Training Bar

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The PR Elite Men's Training Bar was designed to be more than just durable. We wanted it to be excellent in every aspect possible so that there was nothing left to be desired.

The following is what makes this bar "Elite" over our standard cross training bar.

All components in the PR Elite Men's Cross Training Bars are made under the very strict tolerance specifications of our competitive weightlifting bars. The sleeves, bearings, nylon bushings an internal locking mechanisms fit perfectly on the bar with no vertical or horizontal movement. The result is a very noticeable noise difference when dropping these bars.. they are quiet!

Improved coating durability. The PR Elite Men's Cross Training Bars are coated with cerakote which provides far superior protection from wear and corrosion than common zinc coating. Cerakote also provides the added benefit of color options that will make any gym stand out.. they are beautiful!

The PR Elite Men's Cross training bar uses a high quality 28mm spring steel shaft that provides excellent wip.  Precision needle bearings and tight sleeve tolerances provide excellent sleeve rotation and durability.

Knurling, medium-sharp (no center knurling)

Length: 2200MM

Shaft diameter: 28mm

Steel: 190,000PSI

Bearings: Precision needle bearings (8) sets.

Color options: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Camouflage