Basic Men's Cross-Training Bar

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Basic Men's Cross-Training Bar

Built to the same dimensional specifications as our commercial bars. The Basic Men's Cross-Training bar is intended for home use application.  We scaled back on the tensile strength of the steel used in the bar shafts and went to bushings instead of bearings to keep the bar and a friendly price point.

The experience of using these bars is still fantastic. The knurling is excellent and the sleeves spin smoothly.  Even though this is an "economy" bar, it won't feel like it.  If you don't lift over 500LB or run into issues of missing lifts poorly (dropping the bar wildly from over head), then this bar is a great choice.


Length: 2200mm

diameter: 28mm

Weight: 20KG/44.4lb

Coating: Black Hardened Chrome Shaft,Hardened Chrome Sleeves

Bushings: Brass

Weight Capacity: 1000LB

Tensile Strength: 150K PSI

Warranty: 1 Year, home use only.


1-year warranty against defects affecting the performance of the bar, such as bending, collar spin, knurling defects, or problems with the coating affecting the performance of the bar. Warranty covering bending does not cover dropping it on a box/bench/spotter arms/pins on power rack.