The Dragon Package

The Dragon Package

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If you are big, strong and breathe must be a dragon. But, even if you're only human, this package can help you get started on your way to becoming a big, fiery beast. 

What You Get in the Set:

(1) 260 LB Garage Bumper Plate Set: (2) 45 LB, (2) 35 LB, (2) 25 LB, (2) 15 LB and (2) 10 LB Bumper Plates.

(4) Additional 45 LB Garage Bumper Plates

(2) 5 LB Steel Change Plates

(2) 2.5 LB Steel Change Plates

(1) Men's or Women's Cross-Training Bar (your choice) *

(1) Pair of Locking Collars

(1) Box of Chalk

(1) Wood Box (20x24x30)

(1) Wall Rack/Folding Wall Rig/Deluxe Squat Rack 

(1) Pair of PR Wood Rings and Straps

(1) Ab-Mat

(1) Basic 6-30 LB Wall Ball (your choice) *

(1) Basic 15-30 LB Slam Ball (your choice) *

(1) Basic 16KG/35 LB Kettlebell

(1) Basic 24KG/53 LB Kettlebell

(1) Basic 32KG/70 LB Kettlebell

(1) Speed Rope

(4) 4' x 6' x 3/4" Red Barn Rubber Mats

* YOUR CHOICE*   You have the option to pick your desired bar (men's or women's Cross-Training Bar), Racking system (Wall Rack, Folding Wall Rig, or Deluxe Squat Rack) Wall Ball Size (6-20lb) and Slam ball size (10-30lb).

 We can customize this package to fit your needs!!  Adjustments to the package is not a problem. Call or email for adjustments.

Want to customize the items in this set? No problem!

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