Basic Power Bar

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The Basic Power Bar is an IPF Spec, dedicated power lifting bar.  Perfect for the strong lifts and all slow movements.  The sleeves were designed with extra loading space to allow for heavier dead lifts and squats when using with bumper plates. Center knurling allows for extra grip when squatting and the 29mm shaft allows for a stiffer feel than weightlifting or cross-training bars.  This is great for people who bench or squat "heavy" who want more rigidity in their bar.

The Basic Power Bar is made out of a lower tensile strength steel than our other Power Bars (Max Power Bar and Texas Power Bar), also the knurling is a little less sharp compared to our other Power bars which are known for their extra aggressive knurling.  The combination allows for a more affordable price and for some a more desirable feel.

As a general rule of thumb, when looking at "weight capacity" we recommend not going over half the weight capacity... so if you can lift over 750LB move up to a Max Power Bar or Texas Power Bar.

Weight: 45LB

Length: 86.6"

Shaft Diameter: 29mm

Loadable Sleeve Length: 18"

Weight Capacity: 1500LB

*Warranty: Lifetime Home, 1-year Commercial


* Warranty against defects affecting the performance of the bar, such as bending, collar spin, knurling defects, or problems with the coating affecting the performance of the bar. Warranty covering bending does not cover dropping it on a box/bench/spotter arms/pins on power rack.