Color Garage Gym Bumper Plates (LB)

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What They're For: 

Color plates are a great way to quickly recognize how much is loaded up on a bar at a glance. Highly recommended for coaches and teams.

Why They're Cool: 

PR Garage Gym Bumper plates are a great economical option for those wanting a decent quality bumper but are on a tighter budget . Made out of 100% virgin rubber with stainless steel inserts. For an Economy Plate, the PR Lifting garage gym bumpers are pretty darn impressive!

Diameter 450MM
10 LB      .88"
15 LB     1.25"
25 LB     2"
35 LB     2.63"
45 LB     3.19"

All plates sold as pairs. (Quantity "1" is for a pair of plates or "1 set.) 

Warranty: 2 year warranty for 25, 35, and 45 LB plates. 1 year for 15 LB Plates. 90 days for 10 LB plates.