PR Basic Wall Rig

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Why It's Cool:

Our Basic Wall Rig allows you to have a sturdy "do-it-all" system with maximum efficiency for a very economical price. Comes equipped with our new HD J-Cups, they are quick to adjust and easy on your bar.  This system has  3 pull up stations which works perfectly for rings, TRX or band work.  Single and Double pull up bars available in 26", 36" and 44" distances from the wall.

Further Specs: 

Height: 8ft 4in

Width: 48"

Depth options: 29", 39", 47", 72"

Pull-Up Bar Height: Multiple Height options ranging from 6ft to 8ft 2in.

Tubing: Material:  75mm x 75mm tubing, 3mm thick (11 gauge)

*Anthony's Quick NotePlease contact us if you would like to create a longer wall rig. The basic wall rig can be connected to other rigs using a 6 FT pull up bar to make longer rigs. They can also be configured to create a "free standing" rig.


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