PR Digital Timer

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What It's For:

Hey, you might not lift it, push it, pull it, squat it or jump over it (unless, you have a very weird workout routine) but boy! It's nice to have one of these!

Not only do we proudly sell PR Digital Timers, we use them right here at our shop!

Why It's Cool: 

Stopwatches went out with the millennium. Time to upgrade!

What You Get:

(1) PR Digital Timer (remote included)

Further Specs:


  • Digital Clock Display
  • Length 28.5in and Height 6in 
  • Stopwatch to 1/100 seconds
  • Built-in Interval Programs for Interval Training (red light/green light workouts, etc.)
  • Easy-to-program for customized workouts
  • Remote Control Operated