PR 14FT Storage Rig

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  • $ 2,499

Maximize space with the PR 14ft Storage Rig.  Hold all of your bumper plates, wall balls, slam balls, change plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands and speed ropes in one place while getting two full workout stations.  Perfect for squats, bench, pull ups, TRX or ring work.

Standard 14ft Rig configuration:

Color: Black

Height: 9ft

Depth: 5ft 3in  (Power rack inner depth is 42 inch)

Material:  75mm x 75mm 11 gauge tubing, one inch holes. (compatible with  3"x 3" attachments)


Comes with: J-cups and standard storage racking (Bumper plate shelf, Dumbbell shelf, 2 flat shelves, wall ball shelf)


Upright Color Options:  Red 

Height: 7ft or 8ft

Depth:  4ft 4in  (Power rack inner depth is 31.5 inch)

Attachment Options:

Wall Ball Targets

Weight Horns

Vertical Bar Storage

Speed Rope/Band Storage

Dip Station

Safety Spotter Arms (face outside the racking system)

Power Rack safety spotter arms (fits inside the racking system)