PR Combo Rack

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Powerlifting competition-spec Squat & Bench Press Combo Rack of sturdy steel construction. 1-inch hole spacing for each rack increment, which allows you to customize the rack height for both squat and bench to your optimal position. Hand jacks allow you to easily adjust rack height without unloading plates. Train like a pro with the PR  Combo Rack's sleek aesthetics, sturdy construction, precise adjustments, and safety features that keep you in the game.          

Bench Press: Pad (12" x 48") made with very dense foam for a solid base to press from. Extra-sticky grip pad texture to keep your back locked into position. Spotter stands securely welded onto cross bar. 

Squat uprights: In and out position adjusted with locking wingnuts for easy adjustment; you don't have to worry about losing wedges or getting them stuck in the uprights, simply spin the locking wingnuts into place and you're set.

Face Savers: Simple screw-on-and-off face savers that can be easily removed or installed in seconds. No tools required to unbolt or multiple pieces to thread through.

Foot Print: Without bench press 81" x 41" footprint; with bench inserted, 81" x 66" (Allow additional 30" space for use of hand jacks)    

Extra set of pins & composite rollers included

Bracket for floor bolting included