PR MAX Power Bar

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The PR MAX Power bar was designed specifically for power lifting movements. The knurling is tamed down from the conventional super sharp knurled power bars but is off-set with a, "grip you back", black manganese phosphate coating which makes the bar feel "chalked" at all times.  We have also extended the loadable sleeve length to 18".  The extra 1-2 inches of loading space compared to conventional Power Bars really comes in handy if you use bumper plates in conjunction with steel.


Coating: Black Manganese Phosphate (Very "grippy" coating that strong resistance against corrosion.)

Knurling: Medium (Excellent grip when combined with the Manganese phosphate coating)

Weight: 45LB

Length: 86.6"

Shaft Diameter: 29mm

Loadable Sleeve Length: 18"

Warranty: Lifetime