Multi-Grip Bars

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Why It's Cool:

Fully welded knurled handles; works with most power or squat racks. Great for power lifters or athletes looking to train with a neutral grip to increase explosive strength and to reduce stress on the shoulders. With the 1.97″ sleeves, you can use standard size collars… no axle bar collars needed!

Further Specs:

  • Fully Welded Multi-Grip / Football / Swiss Bar
  • 6 Neutral Grip, Knurled Handles: 1.25” diameter, spaced at 5.5”, 13.5”, and 21.5” (straight bar)
  • Weight: 45 LB
  • Length: 82"
  • Olympic Sleeves: 1.97” diameter, 14” loadable length
  • Rackable on most standard power racks (53” distance between collars)
  • Applications: Bench press, floor press, lockouts, JM press, shoulder press, and more