Stacking Foam Plyo Boxes

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Jump or drop without fear! PR Lifting Stack-able Foam Boxes provide a large safe base for performing plyometric movements. They are firm enough for stability but soft enough to prevent injury to shins, knees or any other body part that will come in contact with the box.

The stack-able foam boxes can also be used as Jerk Blocks, Pulling Blocks or Crash Pads. They are perfect for use in areas where it is important to keep noise or vibration to a minimum.

The plyo boxes can be purchased in individual sizes or custom sets.

All Boxes are 29" wide and 36" long. Providing a larger more stable base than most other options.

3" Box,  20LB  (Work Great as Crash Pads)

6" Box,  35LB  (Work Great as Crash Pads)

12" Box, 50LB

18" Box, 90LB

24" Box, 110LB

NOTE:  We recommend that the Foam Plyo boxes should be used on rubber flooring for maximal grip. Using on slick surfaces can cause the boxes to slide even though they are heavy and stable.