CrossFit Devotion Summer Games Used: 24KG and 32KG Powder Coat Kettlebells

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CrossFit Devotion Summer Games!!  Held August 10th at Kent Lake High School.  All equipment being used in the events are brand new and have only been used at this event. There is a limited supply of this equipment available!  Items will be available for pickup at the event as soon as the last event is finished.

Why They're Cool: 

PR Lifting PC Kettlebells are high-quality bells made out of clean cast iron and use no fillers in their production. The coating is a clean matte powder coat finish that provides an excellent grip as opposed to the slicker painted surfaces in other bells.  Single cast iron pour. Each kettlebell has a colored ring around the base of the handle for quick identification as well as clear weight markings on each side of the bell in both pounds and kilograms.

What You Get: 

Weight Options: