WL Bar and Color KG Bumper Plate Set

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Quality Weightlifting bar with a full set of PR Color KG Bumper Plates:

The PR WL Men's Training Bar is perfect for the dedicated weightlifter who actively competes. Excellent in all categories of importance when it comes to weightlifting bars.  High quality 28mm (25mm for Women's) steel shaft with sharp knurling supplies excellent grip and whip. Precision needle bearings and tight sleeve tolerances provide excellent sleeve rotation and durability.

PR KG Color Garage Gym Bumper plates are a great economical option for those wanting a decent quality bumper but are on a tighter budget. Made out of 100% virgin rubber with stainless steel inserts. For an Economy Plate, the PR Lifting garage gym bumpers are pretty darn impressive!

What you get:

(1) Men's or (1) Women's PR WL Bar

(2ea) Red 25kg, Blue 20kg, Yellow 15kg, Green 10kg, Grey 5kg Bumper Plates

Bar Specs:

Knurling, sharp (no center knurling)


Shaft diameter: 28mm

Steel: 190,000PSI

Bearings: Precision needle bearings (8) sets.