We are working around the clock and experiencing higher-than-usual call and email volumes. Click here to read more about pre-orders and shipping information.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-Order Timeline Updates

We've set up and continue to update an entire page dedicated to the status of each pre-order shipment coming in. Please check this page for continuing updates.

Why Pre-Orders?

Our goal is to always have great-quality products at competitive prices, in stock and available at all times. When states and counties began instituting stay-at-home orders, and gyms began to close, the demand for exercise equipment skyrocketed leaving us (and the nation) wiped out of available inventory.

We know people want the ability to workout and train at home, and while much might be uncertain at this time, we started offering pre-orders as a way for customers to know that they'd be able to get the equipment they need as soon as it's available.  We are also doing this because it is MUCH easier to facilitate at this time. It gives us time to do the transactions, answer questions and get organized for customer pickups and deliveries BEFORE each shipment arrives.

How Pre-Orders Work

We have been producing record amounts of equipment since gyms closed in mid March. As our factories finish the products, the equipment is moved to our holding areas where they are loaded onto shipping containers and booked for voyage on  shipping vessels.  Once those three things are done, we put the  PRE-ORDER opportunity on the website on Monday mornings around 8:30am.  By doing it this way, we can at least give our customers a timeline on when their orders should be arriving. There is a chance that the vessels could be delayed before sailing as many vessels are canceling their original bookings and postponing leaving in order to ensure they are fully loaded. Once the vessels have been loaded and they are on their way, our timelines should stay pretty accurate. We have created this page to keep updates on all of the pre-order shipments that are on their way so that people can check the progress at any time.

Once the shipments arrive, we will unload and count everything (normally this takes about 6 hours). As soon as that is done, we will immediately begin to pull peoples' orders alphabetically and place them in a staging area of our warehouse. Once this is done, we will update the pre-order update page to show that orders are ready for pickup. We, then, send out texts to confirm that the orders are ready. We contact customers who have deliveries and we schedule our regular trip to Portland.  Our entire focus is to get everyone their orders as quickly as possible. 

When will specific products become available for PRE-ORDER again?

We have multiple production orders going on with the 17 different factories we work with. As soon as each production order is done it is moved to our holding area.  At this time we are NOT able to give an expected delivery date to our holding area as it requires constant communication with our factories.. there are delays, shortages and many other variables that can change our timelines.  The best thing to do is to check the website each Monday morning to see what has arrived at our holding area that week.


Cancelling A Pre-Order 

We only want our customers to be happy, and we understand there are times and circumstances where you may need to cancel a pre-order. So, we are more than happy to cancel a pre-order at the customer's request. We do want to be upfront that Shopify charges us a transaction fee on all transactions and they do not refund us those fees when someone cancels their order. Because of this, there is a 5% restocking fee to cover the lost transaction costs.

If you'd like to get in touch with us about cancelling a pre-order, please contact us via email at sales@prlifting.com, by phone at (425) 214-4124, or stop by our shop & show room located at 3402 Everett Ave., Everett, WA 98201.